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will not you're

won't=will not是will的否定的缩写形式

will 只用于一般将来时,过去将来时用would l 'll won't

wont be 将来时的否定句在助动词后加not 希望对你有所帮助,有不会的可以再问,祝学习进步!您的及时采纳是对答题者的尊重!o(∩_∩)o~

ill not take/t take 一般将来时的否定句在will后加not; won', 可以缩写成won'


will 英 [wl] 美 [wl] n. 意志;决心;情感;遗嘱;意图;心愿 vt. 决心要;遗赠;用意志力使 vi. 愿意;下决心 aux. 将;愿意;必须 过去式为:would 英 [wd; wd] 美 [wd; wd] aux. 将,将要;愿意 v. will的过去式 would的否定式为would not,wouldn't 新~东~方~南~昌~学~校~祝你学习愉快!

1、I will= I'll 英 [al] 美 [al] 例句:Some of the days i will clean the house for him .我迟早要跟他算帐.I'll help you for your sister 's sake .看在你姐姐面上,我来帮你.I'll give you a pound in part payment .我会给你一镑作为先付部分.I'll have a go

1.is(ISN'T )2.are(aren't )3.does(doesn't )4.do(don't )5.was(wasn't )6.were(weren't )7.will(won't )8.must(mustn't )9.can(can't )10.did(didn't )

will not 缩写 :won't


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