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whEn it ComEs to造句

1.When it comes to politics I know nothing. 说到政治,我是一窍不通. 2.When it comes to dancing,I'm all thumbs. 谈到跳舞,我真是一窍不通. 3.Jenny knows what's what when it comes to cooking . 谈到烹饪,珍妮是行家. 4.When it comes to...

when it comes to everything造句 当涉及到 A balanced mind and body makes a big difference when it comes to everything that you do—even the things you don't like. 当我们以一个健康的心态和身体去面对一切问题的时候,甚至是你不喜欢的...

When it comes to weather. 当它遇到天气问题的时候, 供参考。


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