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whAt is in your BAg?(按实际情况回答)

There is a pen and a book.

A lot of books and my little bear,my purpose and a fruit knife

what's in your bag? 你的书包里有什么? 双语例句 1 And on your way out, you have a big problem, you have a big hole in what'ssupposed to be a water-proof bag. 手术结束的时候,有一个大问题,在大脑上部会留下一个洞而这个地方不能沾水。

there are many books in my bag


what have you got in your bag?

D 试题分析:句意:你的包里是什么?--两本书在里面。这句是倒装句,正常的语序是 two books in it.两本书在里面,缺少系动词are。故选D.

is it in your bag 它在你的书包里吗 is it in your bag 它在你的书包里吗

英文原文: what's in your bag,yangling 英式音标: [wɒts] [ɪn] [jʊrˌ jɔrˌ jorˌjə] [bæɡ] , yangling 美式音标:

1 (Is )everything in your bag? 东西都在包里吗? 2 It would be fun and easy ( to study) English.学英语有趣而容易。 3 they learn (more ) about China than you.他们比你更了解中国。 4 He will stop (learning )english he thinks itis b...


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