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wAtCh out是什么意思


watch out for小心提防某人某物,例句:watch out for the pickpockets.留心提防扒手.watch out等於be careful,都是小心,当心的意思.

watch out 相当于look out“小心,注意!”常用在口语中.

留意watch out 戒备..; 提防; 留神观察 watch out for

短语的意思是当心,相当于be careful watch 有看、钟表的意思 out 出去、外面的


watch out 密切注视,当心, 提防

watch out 是小心\留心的意思,比如<<丑小鸭>>中有一句:Mother duck said:you must close to me and watch out for the cat.意思是让丑小鸭紧紧地跟着鸭妈妈,并留心农场里的一只猫. 希望我的答案对你有所启示!

watch out vt. 当心(提防) 例句: Watch out! There's a car coming. 小心! 汽车来了. The staff were asked to watch out for forged banknotes. 已经要求职员留意伪钞. Watch out here comes the law! 注意--警察来了! 海词广告: 足不出户英语学


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