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upto..1.直到 uptodate在进行中 upto多达;直到;胜任;取决于 whatif切合目前情况的2.取决于 uptodate在进行中 upto多达;直到;胜任;取决于 whatif切合目前情况的3.胜任 uptodate在进行中 upto多达;直到;胜任;取决于 whatif切合目前情

例如It is up to you意思就是“由你来决定”.

be up to意思是:胜任;从事于;忙于 be up to(英 [bi: p tu:] 美 [bi p tu] ),beupto中的to是介词,后需接名词性结构.如:1、Whatwereyouuptolastweek? 你上周在做什么?2、IthinkDavidisupto

1.多达 I can take up to four people in my car.我的汽车最多能坐四个人.2.直到 Up to now he's still quiet.他直到现在仍保持沉默.3.在于…,取决于… This is up to you.这件事取决于你.4.能胜任 He's not up to the work.他不能胜任这件工作.5.做…,忙… What's he up to?他做什么呢?

这几天在干什么 忙什么的意思 相当于what are you doing be up to的单独的意思是 从事 胜任的

They apply only up to a point. 这些东西只是在一定程度上适用. www.ecocn.org My cholesterol shot up to 238! 我的胆固醇上升到238! article.yeeyan.org You can play up to 30 games simultaneously. 你可以同时进行高达30个个游戏. article.yeeyan.

up to you翻译成中文是:由你决定,取决于你;随便你例句及用法:1、It's just life and what happens during your time here is up to you. 它只是生活而已在你的一生中会发生什么取决于你.2、You have all the tools and resource you need, what you do with them is up to you. 你有自己需要的所有工具和资源,如何利用他们,由你决定.3、Whether you go or not is up to you.去不去随便你.


应该是What are u up to,意思是:在忙什么?

live up to是实现的意思


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