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took AFtEr是什么意思

take after 1.(在相貌、体格、性情等方面)像(父、母等);与…相像: 例句:He takes after his father in being weak-minded.他优柔寡断,像他爸.In her gentle nature,Mary takes after her mother.玛丽性情温和,像她妈妈.2.追赶;追捕;追

take after 某人 长得像的意思

took 【发音】:[英][tk] [美][tk] 【词义】:v.拿( take的过去式 ); 接受;学习;取得. 【造句】:he elections took place in march 1989. (选举在1989年3月举行.)

take after英[teik :ft]美[tek ft]长得像,性格类似于,效仿

took KK: [] DJ: [] (take的过去式) take KK: [] DJ: [] vt. 1. 拿,取;握,抱 She took his outstretched hand. 她握住他伸出的手. She took a piece of paper and began to write a letter. 她拿了一张纸,开始写起信来. 2. 拿走,取走;夺取,占领;抓

take 的过去式take [teik]vt.1.拿,取:Taking a pen in her hand,she began to write.她手里拿着一支钢笔,开始写起来.Go and take some coffee cups.去拿几个咖啡杯.2.抓紧,抓住;抱住;握住:The boy took his mother's outstretched hand.小男

take after 与(父母啊等等)相像

take after Wiki与. ..相像更多例句topThe girl spent all her spare time to take after her invalid mother.这个女孩把她所有的业余时间都用来照顾长期生病的母亲.英文解释top动词take after1. be similar to a relative2. imitate in behavior; take as a model同义词:follow 相关词top同义词favor parallel

take after v. 象, 学样

took 英[tk] 美[tk] v. 拿( take的过去式 ); 接受; 学习; 取得; [例句]Sir Denis took one look and sent it back 丹尼斯爵士看了一眼就把它送了回去.[其他] 原型: take


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