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1、bitch 原意为母狗,在英语中代指放荡的女性,故“ son of a bitch" 用以辱骂别人.另外 “bitch" 可单独用来辱骂女性,不过二者都是“taboo words",一般情况下在美国是不会有人说的(电影中除外)PS: 是 son of a bitch 而非 son of bitch.2、Mother Fucker在美国人的嘴里有两种意思:一种是特指我跟你母亲发生过性行为,也就是草`你`女马;另一种就是说:你和你母亲发生过性行为,也就是乱`伦以及小`杂`种的意思

(a) from different aspects and western etiquette fancy the specific differences. One, in the appellation and call, westerners call is usually the are general, usually a call to cover China's many call..Such as westerners call Mr. For men, call girl, for the

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新年 happy new year 情人节 valentine's day 母亲节 mother's dayETC

歌词出自the ting tings的歌曲《guggenheim》歌曲名称:guggenheim所属专辑:sounds from nowheresville (deluxe edition)歌曲原唱:the ting tings词曲:the ting tings歌词:there was this boy who came to town.was cooler than the boys in all my

Linkin Park林肯公园I Have Not Begun 我还没有开始Maybe's a chance I've already keep y'all waitin'也许是一个机会,我已经把你等待This goes out to everybody still hatin'这是给大家还是不喜欢For those that fake y'all can keep on fakin'对于那些假

这一篇可能质量差点,但是应该可以帮你 真正的文章是自己写的,你把自己想的汉语用英语表现出来就好了,要想英语的进步还是要靠自己多写多查多读.这一篇《雪》.希望你自己改动,删减(x写的太长),雪可以改成记叙文,说不定

歌曲:Walking DisasterSum 41专辑:8 Years of Blood, Sake and Tears: The Best of Sum 41 2000-2008发行时间:2008-11-05流派:Punk 朋克发行时间:2008-11-05中英互译对照歌词:I haven't been home for a while我已很久没有回家I'm sure


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