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shAll wE go AnD Buy somE Fruit ?yEs.l wAnt to Buy

Shall we go and buy some fruit? Yes, I want to buy some apples. 我们可以去买些水果吗? 可以, 我想买一些苹果.

选a we eat much fruit and many vegetables, but little meat.我们吃了很多水果蔬菜,但是很少的肉.meat 不可数名词;vegetables 表示不同种类的蔬菜;fruit 水果,表总称,不可数.希望帮助到你 满意请采纳,谢谢o(∩_∩)o ~~

What/How about buying some fruit?Why not/Why don't we buy some fruit?Let's buy some fruit,shall we?

BShall we .表示的是提议或邀请,回答不用yes/no,一般:肯定的回答可以是"Certainly","My pleasure","Definitely",等等,否定的话可以说"I'm sorry but",在but后而加一些解释,礼貌一点就可以了.这里没有肯定回答给

选ought to表示推断其意为“应该”、“可能”.如:That ought to be enough food for all of us. 那些该够我们大家吃的了.Ask John. He ought to know. 问问约翰吧,他该知道.I ought to be fit for work next month. 下个月我想必可以工作了.【注】用ought to 表示推断时,语气较肯定,通常指的是一种合乎逻辑的可能性(与should表推断时相似),


shall we go to the shopping center___ to buy something this afternoon.

they want to buy some fruit. some fruit他们想买一些水果.一些水果

其实这两个的区别就在于反义疑问句的前半部分.先看两个例句:Let us go out,will you?(你)让我们出去吧?Let's go out,shall we?我们出去吧?两个都可以理解为"让我们去"(号召大家一起做一件是).但Let us还可以理

I want to go and buy some apples.(同义句)I'm going to buy some apples.I'd like to buy some apples.I hope to go and buy some applesI intend to go shopping for some apples.



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