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fail to distinguish right from wrong;can't tell black from white;confuse right and wrong;confuse truth and falsehood还有be unable to tell right from wrong这些都是我自己想的,希望采纳哦O(∩_∩)O~


他害怕在许多人面前讲英语.英文:he is afraid to speak english in front of many people.


1、TO Success: Opportunity or hard-working? Every body wants to succeed. But when it comes to the question that which factor leads to success, opportunity or hard-work, different people will offer different answers. Some people think that

Why are so many people afraid of failure? Quite simply because no one tells us how to lead failure experience to growth.We forget that failure is part of life and that every person has the right to fail.Most parents work hard at either preventing failure or

歌手:废五金歌曲:冲动(original version)歌词:天空开始变的黯淡 血红色的太阳人群表情麻不为所动 车流依然缓慢的拥挤不堪在城市无聊复杂的欲望后面他们在这街上 是正在期待长大的孩子纯洁善良 充满无限希望可是生命中反复的得意和

1: don't take love angle to consider everything, to me, there are many things more important than love 2: struggle for the talent has the right to fail

Right Here, Right Now - Giorgio Moroder、Kylie MinogueWhen the lights start flashingIt can open up your eyesAnd the highest mountainIs the one that you have climbedYeahI can look for love'Til the skies ain't blueI can look for loveTo get over youI


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