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perspective英 [pspektv] 美 [prspektv] n.透镜,望远镜; 观点,看法; 远景,景色; 洞察力; adj.(按照) 透视画法的; 透视的; [例句]over the years, i have often reflected on what my room said.she has a great perspective on marriage.这么多年来,我一直都在思考着妈妈说过的那些话.关于婚姻生活,她的观点确实非常有意义.[其他]复数:perspectives 形近词: retrospective introspective prospective

contingency perspective 权变观网络释义 专业释义权变观权变观点情境观点权变模式双语例句1.From a contingency,dynamic and embedded perspective,determinants oflearning,innovation,performance and their cont


prospect 名词,前景She is excited by the prospect of returning to school.perspective 形容词,未来的,a prospective student


透镜,望远镜; 观点,看法; 远景,景色; 洞察力

horizontal perspective水平透视拼音双语对照双语例句1There are two perspectives of accounting culture study, including horizontal perspective and vertical perspective.会计文化研究的视角包括纵向视角和横向视角即上述两条主线.2From a horizontal perspective a significant change occurred in terms of farmers ' income and expenditure constitutes.从横向来讲,农民收支构成上发生了显着变化.

critical perspective批判观点;批判视维;批评视角例句1.The Study of Nexus of Practice and Its Critical Perspective实践结点研究的批评视角2.But every Out group carries with it a critical perspective, forged in the painful experiences of rejection and



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