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副词用法 雨天使他们无法户外用餐 The rain prevented them from eating outdoors. 名词用法 到加拿大来享受蓝天碧野吧 Come to Canada and enjoy the great outdoors.

At least one held services outdoors.至少一家教会已在户外举行了活动.

英语造句:1) He likes walking outdoors.他喜欢户外散步.2) You should go outdoors once weather is fine. 天气好的时候你应该去室外.

楼上的beside 和 next意思可不一样啊 2,he jumped out from beside the door outdoor是形容词 I like outdoor games outdoors可以使副词 I like playing game outdoors

1.They went through our luggage at the customs. 海关人员仔细检查了我们的行李. 2.It is necessary to set down these additional rules. 有必要制定这些补充规则. 3.He set me down in a comfortable chair. 他让我坐在一张舒适的椅子里. 4. The

woman 英[wmn] 美[wmn] n. 女人,妇女; 成年女子; 女拥人或女下属; 女人本能; [例句]She is an avid outdoors woman她酷爱户外运动.[其他] 复数:women

(1)Walking the dag has become my habit in the morning.(2)Loose shirts are good for summer wear.(3) I took my dog to the vet.(4) Read the text and go though to answer .(5)He set me down in a comfortabl

1.mary is sleeping now.2.tom has not visited london up to now.3.she often goes to school by bus .4.linda was doing her honework last night when the bell rang.5.my uncle moved to beijing in 2001.6.gina will go shopping next sunday .

二者都有户外的意思,但是outdoor只能当形容词,只能用来修饰名词,不能用来修饰动词;outside 可以当副词,名词,形容词和介词.希望对你有帮助,别忘了好评哦

1. Cucumber is good for soothing tired eyes. 黄瓜有助于舒缓眼部疲劳.来自柯林斯例句2. Cut the cucumber into match-sticks. 将黄瓜切成细条.来自柯林斯例句3. Bess stabbed a slice of cucumber. 贝丝叉起一片黄瓜.来自柯林斯例句4. A


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