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out oF his minD

你好! out of his mind 从他的思想

是不是少了一个of。 out of mind 发狂, 疯狂,失去理智 out one’s mind没这个词,有OF即为把某人遗忘了

先看两个例句 : 1. She could not get the puzzle out of her mind. 她无法解开心中的疑虑. 2. He pushed the picture out of his mind. 他把这副景象从脑海里排除出去. 还是看前后的语境

All the memories of his childhood had faded from his mind by the time he was 65. 到65岁时,他大脑中所有关于童年的记忆都渐渐模糊 a faded 褪色,消失,凋谢 b、 illustrated 举例说明,作图解 c、 confined 限制,闭居 d、 concerned 关心,关...

A 考查介词与名词的搭配。句意:Fred心里很担心,他一直想着他女儿的情况到底怎么样了。短语on one’s mind意为“挂念,惦记”;in one’s mind意为“在记忆里,有脑海中”

第三个单词错了,应该是:Nothing in the world is difficult for one who sets his mind to it . 中文翻译:世上无难事,只怕有心人。

make up one's mind v. 下决心,决定 下定决心做某事 短语 He made up his mind 他下定决心 made up his mind to 下定决心 例句: 1. He made up his mind not to say a word. 他打定主意一句话也不说。 2. It was an urgent entreaty from the ...

The words of his old teacher left a ______ impression on his mind. He is still influenced by them. 你说的答案that he would not stay填在那儿怎么都不可能埃我个人觉得这句顶多可以这样写:The words of his old teacher that he would n...

B 考代词和倒装。句意应为:我永远不会知道他当时心里想什么,别的任何人也一样(无法知道)。例装句中已有nor表否定,不能再用否定意义的代词,排除C、D。句意指除自己以外的任何别的人,故须加else,排除A。

答案B 学生可能会抓装he had to”而选择A,因为他们对had to do something的结构太熟悉了。其实,句中had to与set up并不构成搭配,因为he had为定语从句修饰先行词all, setup与devote all…to构成搭配,即devote all to setting up(to为介词),所...


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