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on your wAy什么意思

on your way 在路上; 路上 双语例句 1 You on your way, I on mine. 对你这样,我对矿井。 2 You left me and went on your way. 你离开我自己走了。

on your way 网络 在路上; 路上; [例句]You on your way, I on mine. 对你这样,我对矿井

在路上 例句:my english is still learning on the way. 我的英语正在学习中。 不要说:my english is poor 第一种说法地道

歌曲名:On Your Way 歌手:Eastmountainsouth 专辑:Eastmountainsouth I hope he never hurts you like I know I hurt you but I was undecided and it was all that I could do but if he says he loves you like I know I loved you then there...

well on your way 在你的路上 同时也是歌曲名: 《WellOnYourWay》是HughDillon演唱的歌曲,所属专辑《WorksWellWithOthers》。 例句: When you can pat yourself on the back, you'll know you're well on your way. 当你能拍你自己在后,你就...

On+his+way+home 在他回家路上 双语对照 例句: 1. The car conked out on my way home. 汽车在我回家路上出了故障。 2. Check your gas tank level on the way home. 在回家的路上检查你车子油箱的水平。

1)on your way 的意思是 “在你的行进途中”。 2)My 是物主代词,与 on your way 构不成句子。 3)I'm on your way 的意思是 “我挡了你的道”

on one's way to 往…去的路上;在途中(的) 双语例句 1. There is a way of encountering error while on one's way to the truth. 在追求真理的道路上出错的机会原是常有的。 2. Winter is well on it's way and one has to incorporate warmt...

on the way 英[ɔn ðə wei] 美[ɑn ði we] [词典] 沿途; 在途中,接近; (孩子)已成胎而尚未出生; 沿路; [例句]I met your sister on the way. 我在路上碰到你妹妹了。

on my way中文意思:在路上;跑出一片天;正在路上。 短语 Going On My Way 活得更像我 just on my way 只是我的方式 ; 只是在路上 ; 刚才在我的路 I dropped in on him on my way home. 我在回来的路上趁便去他家看了看。 On my way to New Yor...


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