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因为;由于 because of something We're late on account of the bad traffic. 我们迟到是因为交通拥挤. The meeting was postponed on account of the chairman's illness. 由于主持人生病,会议延期 要注意:on account of ,because of ,due to

on account of[英][n kaunt v][美][n kant v]adv.由于; 基于; 例句:1.Their recent protest was called off on account of tightened security. 由于安全加严,他们最近的抗议被取消了.2.You're late to the meeting because you're lazy. I'm late on account of heavy traffic. 比如你开会迟到是因为你太懒了,但是我迟到了是因为交通堵塞

on account of somethingbecause of something else, especially a problem or difficultyShe was told to wear flat shoes, on account of her back problem.If you say that something happens thanks to a particular person or thing, you mean that they are

account for 是说明、证明、对…负有责任的意思, on account of 是由于、因为的意思.

on account of 是不适合加从句的 on account of: 因为,由于 例句与用法: 1. He was granted special admission on account of his effort. 由于他自己的努力, 他被破格录取. 2. On account of his more elevated position, the general had the enemy

because of意为"由于,因为",强调因果关系,在句中仅作状语,修饰句中的一部分,与其他成分不用逗号隔开.如:??We must not get discouraged because of such a minor setback. ??我们决不可因为这样一个小小的挫折而灰心丧气.on account of与because of 同义,但语气较为正式.可作状语、表语,不作定语.如: ??He could not come on account of his illness.他因病不能前来. ??That was on account of lack of exercise.那是由于缺乏锻炼.

1 on account of 是因为,由于的意思,表示事情的原因,起因 On account of your health , you must endeavour to shift off the care of your children . 由于你的身体状况,你必须设法卸掉照看孩子这一负担. I had to be out all afternoon yesterday on

1on account of 是因为,由于的意思,表示事情的原因,起因On account of your health , you must endeavour to shift off the care of your children . 由于你的身体状况

on account of the technology that can improve our life standard (better) on account of the technology improving our life standard

“因为,由于”由好几种表达:1)because of 既可表示好的原因,也可表示坏的.大多数情况都是用于造成不太好结果的原因2)due to 绝对的表示造成不好结果的原因3)on account of 非常客观的表示原因,适用于任何情况4)thanks to 有多亏了的意思.用于产生好的结果的原因四种表达都可用于句首.


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