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打*的是比较常用的 \r\n \r\n \r\nfuck* \r\ndamn* \r\nShit* \r\nCocksucker \r\nmotherfucker* \r\nPussy \r\nCunt \r\nAsshole* \r\nFuckhead \r\nFuckface \r\nDick \r\nShitface \r\nAsshole cleaner \r\nFucking bitch* \r\nTits \r\nGod damn whore \r\nClit \r\


是an 18-year-old girl不定冠词是由紧靠其后的单词的第一个音决定的,18的第一个音诗元音,因此用an.

old man fuck 19 yo babe 老男人干19溜溜宝贝 词典结果:babe[英][beb][美][beb] n.婴儿; <俚>姑娘; 天真幼稚的人; 以上结果来自金山词霸 例句:1.I sat him down, poured two glasses of red wine, and said: "babe, I have something to tell you." 我让他坐下,倒了两杯红酒,说:“宝贝,我有事情要告诉你.”

hello,i want to be your better friend .i am a boy,18years old.maybe,you can write to me at any time.i am glad to chat with you ,i think your english is perfect,while you are 15,your english is so good.my email is niubno1@126.com,you can sent message to me through 百度知道

as a 16 year old girl作为一个16岁的女孩

我要提问 m a 15 years old girl怎么? I'm a 15 years old girl怎么读 匿名 分享到微博 提交回答 答: Hello everybody,My name is Binbin,I am a 15-year-old girl,I like playing basketb 详情>> 英语翻译 相关知

我也不太清楚 网上有例句Second time comes Beijing is at the central Opera institute study performance, now thought she still thought is very crazy, a 18 year-old American girl person in Beijing.第二次

19 Years Old Girl Creampie Cleanup19岁的女孩体内射/精的清理2.At that time she was only a girl five years old. 那时她只是一个五岁的小女孩.3.In addition, rural couples whose first child is a girl over four years old are allowed a second child. 此外,第一个孩子是女孩并且已经大于四岁了的农村夫妇可以允许生第二个孩子.

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