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obstacle ['bstk()l] n. 障碍,干扰;妨害物1.N-COUNT An obstacle is an object that makes it difficult for you to go where you want to go, because it is in your way. 障碍物例:Most competition cars will only roll over if they hit an obstacle.多数赛

obstacle n. 障碍(物); 障碍物(绊脚石,障碍栅栏) 网络 妨碍; 拦路虎; 绊脚石 例句 Overcrowding remains a large obstacle to improving conditions.过分拥挤仍然是改善环境的一大障碍.An insuperable obstacle to negotiations 谈判过程中难以克服的障碍

n. 障碍(物);障碍物(绊脚石,障碍栅栏)[例句]Often the biggest obstacle people face is getting their bosses ' okay.“通常人们面临的最大障碍就是得到老板的同意.


obstacle是什么意思? obstacle 英[bstkl] 美[:bstkl] n. 障碍(物); 障碍物(绊脚石,障碍栅栏); [例句]Most competition cars will only roll over if they hit an obstacle 大多数赛车只有在

obstacle course[英][bstkl k(r)s][美][bstkl k(r)s]n.超越障碍训练场; 复数:obstacle courses以上结果来自金山词霸例句:1.Many chinese approach the music as a technical obstaclecourse. 很多中国人把学音乐当成是一个纯技术问题.-----------------------------------如有疑问欢迎追问!满意请点击右上方【选为满意回答】按钮

你好!constitute an obstacle 构成障碍 constitute 英[knsttju:t] 美[k:nsttu:t] an 英[n] 美[n,n] obstacle英[bstkl]美[:bstkl]


obstacle impediment obstruction hindrance 都含“阻碍”、“障碍物”的意思. (1)obstacle指“阻碍前进的东西或状况”, 如: Her father's opposition remained only their obstacle. 她父亲的反对是他们唯一的障碍. (2)impediment 指“妨碍正


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