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nEvEr lEAvE or ForsAkE什么意思

never leave or forsake 不离不弃 例句: 1. This doesn't mean that you must quit your job or forsake your family. 这并不意味着你必须放弃你的工作或家庭。 2. Stay away or leave credit cards at home. 外出时把信用卡放在家里吧。


不离不弃 。 放心采纳!谢谢!

never start or never leave 永远不要离开 leave 英[li:v] 美[liv] vt. 离开; 遗弃; 忘了带; 交托; vt. 离去; 出发; 舍弃; n. 准假; 假期; 辞别; 许可; [网络] 分开; 叶; 离开; [例句]He would not be allowed to leave the country. 他可能会被...

leave or not 想不想走

never leave - 不离不弃,永不离开,不会撇下 forsake - 弃 (如:抛弃, 放弃,舍弃; 断念; 摒弃坏习惯,等) never leave or forsake - 不离不弃, 或抛弃


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