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nEvEr lEAvE or ForsAkE什么意思

never leave or forsake 不离不弃 例句: 1. This doesn't mean that you must quit your job or forsake your family. 这并不意味着你必须放弃你的工作或家庭。 2. Stay away or leave credit cards at home. 外出时把信用卡放在家里吧。


不离不弃 。 放心采纳!谢谢!

remain To continue in the same state or condition: 保持不变继续保持同一种状态或情况: These matters remain in doubt. 这些事情仍然值得怀疑 To continue to be in the same place; stay or stay behind: 留下逗留在同一地方;停留或者留...

应该是 Everything Falls

搜搜歌词就知道了啊:High School Musical 3的Now or never http://dc127.4shared.com/img/70315010/ce0e1101/dlink__2Fdownload_2Fd0Fmveqe_3Ftsid_3D20100416-054431-bf6d4bdc/preview.mp3 Lyrics to Now Or Never : Sixteen, sixteen minutes...

never leave or forsake 不离不弃 释义 1. 不离不弃 Newspaper Article of the Day - Page 2 -... ... 接纳 accept 不离不弃never leave or forsake 嘉宾 honoured guest ... 例句 释义: 全部,不离不弃 更多例句筛选 1. You say, "I feel all al...


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