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morE与mAny timEs位置关系

在其它时候,平时 平素, 往常 1. At other times of the year, many people also leave their own cars at home. 在一年的其他时候,很多人也把他们自己的车子放在家里。 2. It is a long journey though a country that is sometimes pleasant ...

many times more 意为 好几倍的; The human sense of sight is many times more powerful than the sense of hearing.人类的视觉比听觉拥有强大百倍的力量。 At yesterday's auction an old coin sold for many times more than its face value...

more time不可数,不用many 为你解答,如有帮助请采纳, 如对本题有疑问可追问,Good luck!

more than two times是“两次以上”time变复数就是指次数。所以是两次以上。 more than twice是“两倍以上”。虽然twice本身也有两次的意思,但此翻译应该是两倍以上。 个人见解,希望对你有帮助哈。

1. “… times +形容词 / 副词的比较级+ than …”例如: Line AB is three times longer than line CD. 线段 AB 是(线段) CD 的三倍长。 ...

Hard times come again no more 苦难的日子,别再来 Foster词曲/Breeze汉译(欢迎朋友指正) Let us pause in life`s pleasures and count its many tears 让我们暂不考虑生活中的乐趣,来数一数流过多少次泪滴 While we all sup sorrow with th...


two times和 twice的分别:两倍、两次。 two times和 twice的分别:两倍、两次。 two times和 twice的分别:两倍、两次。




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