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mixed with - 掺在一起mixed up with - 混肴


fight with既表示“与…对抗打架”又表示“与…并肩作战”;fight against只表示“与…对抗打架”.


Mix [miks] n. 混合物,混乱v. 混合,弄混,与[计算机] 混合词形变化:动词过去式:mixed 过去分词:mixed 现在分词:mixing 第三人称单数:mixes 形容词:mixable 例句与用法:He finds it hard to mix at parties.他感到很难在聚会上与人攀谈.

mingle是一个品牌 名乐 以前的代言人是古天乐 后来是F4 在后来是F.I.R.

夹杂,从两旁钳住:使劲儿夹住.两旁有物限制住,在两者之间:两山夹一水.夹峙.掺杂.基本解释[be mixed up with;be mingled with;get tangled up with] 混杂;搀杂.引证解释1、指掺杂,混杂.《朱子语类》卷六九:“不可道这里却夹杂些

1 (使)混合,掺和,融合 ~基本的意思了啊~2 调配;配制 ~比如说配颜料啊调鸡尾酒~3 相容;平安相处4 交往;相处;交际 ~mix with就是与什么交往的意思~5 混合录音;混录;混音 ~做音乐的术语吧应该是~ 下面用短语说明一下再~ be/get

mix up with 是固定搭配,应该说 oil doesn't mix up with water.or they don't get mixed

都可以加宾语的 As a result the second half was far less competitive than the first, with Manchester United happy to sit on their lead and Leeds less keen to mix it up with Friday's league encounter against Brighton surely weighing heavily on their


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