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make a phone call放在开头make要变形。 要变成making a phone call,用动名词作主语。比如: Making a phone call is very convenient now. 现在打电话方便。 make a phone call 意思是打个电话。 例句: 1、I need to make a phone call 我要...



make a phone call 打电话 拼音双语对照 双语例句 1 Wait there for a minute. I have to make a phone call. 在那儿等一会儿,我得打个电话。

1.I wanna make a phonecall./I wanna call her. 2.Why don't you call me back?/I wanna call Jack. 3.Did he call me?

正确的句子: 1. "make a phone call" = 打(一个)电话. 例句: " Can I make a phone call to the school?" 2. "make phone calls " = 打(几个)电话. 例句: " The school does not allow students to make phone calls...." 3. "make phones " = "...

make a phone call 的单三形式: makes a phone call


解释如下 If bus drivers smoke, drink or make phone call______ driving, they can be fined. 因为这里driving明显是持续的状态。 强调持续的动作或状态时用while。因此选择填while! as通常两个动作一直相随,可能动作时间相同。

A:Do you like to make a phone call?B:I like to call my family and friends.A:That you will spend a lot of time on the telephone?B:I don't ...


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