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look At是什么意思

look at的中文意思是:看着

look at词典 看; 审视; 评判; 接受网络 看到; 瞧; 观察英[luk t]美[lk t]

look at是指看着的意思,连动词,比如:look at me(看着我).

look at 英 [luk t]美 [lk t] 例句1.Look at your son!看看你的儿子吧!2.Look at these people!你看看这些人吧!3.Look at this old map.看这张老地图.4.Look at the mess you made!瞧你搞得这一团糟!5.Did you look at these clothes?你仔细看过那些衣服了吗?


look atv. 看;考虑;着眼于 看着 看 看望 看待

look askew at sth dart a look at look black at flash a look at cast a look at look at home look daggers at sb. have a look at not much to look at look through one's fingers at look down one's nose at look-at-me function look black at look black at table



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