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livE thEm out in our DAily liFE.这英语是什么意思

in our daily lives与in our daily live 都不对,正确的是 in our daily life 意思是“在我们的日常生活中” 分析: life 有两个意思,即“生活和 生命”。 1、作为“生活”时是不可数不可数名词; 如:Thanks to the government ,we have a happy lif...

Nobody can deny the fact that everyone needs safe environment to learn and live.But there is still some situations that no one can predict.So the question is how to ensure our secutity in daily life. first of all ,keep cool whe...

daily live日常生活,日常生活片 翻译 我过去不观看日常生活片。


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