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likely 英[lakli] 美[lakli] adj. 可能的; 适合的; 有希望的; adv. 可能; 或许; 大概; 多半; [例句]Experts say a 'yes' vote is still the likely outcome 专家说结果仍可能是投赞成票. [其他] 比较级:likelier 最高级:likeliest

appropriate 英 [prprit , prpriet] 美 [proprit , propriet] adj.合适的;恰当的 v.盗用;挪用;占用;侵吞;拨(专款等) 第三人称单数: appropriates 现在分词: appropriating 过去式: appropriated 过去分词

disappoint1.使失望2.使失望,使受挫折3.使失望,使沮丧4.使失望,使扫兴 disappoint1.他很失望 disappoint someone1.使某人失望 disappoint 21.使失望,使扫兴 disappoint about1.目的落了空

He's likely to go abroad.他很有可能出国.It's likely that he will go abroad.他很有可能出国


汉语意思别客气;没什么,哪儿的话;并不;不谢例句第一个、It's not at all certain whether I'll come tomorrow. 我明天还不定来不来呢.第二个、I'm not at all secretive, and I'm pretty good at calling a spade a spade.我不会遮遮掩掩,我喜欢直言

thin英 [θn] 美 [θn] adj.【不规则形式】 thinner, thinnestnot thick 薄;细1薄的;细的 having a smaller distance between opposite sides or surfaces than other similar objects or than normalCut the vegetables into thin strips.把菜切成细条.A

1,in this class,not every students are from china 2,none people in the village go out at night 3, it ' s likely that you have been admitted into Tsinghua University 4,it ' s probable that he will not come 5,How to remove the smell in the room. It is a problem

likely kiss 字面翻译是 有希望的吻.有可能的吻.因为likely的意思是表示可能性高,很有机会会发生的.所以你可以参照意思再根据具体情况来判断哪个意思更适合.


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