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let run tonight,不是的话语音给我试试

Pitbull & Ne-Yo & Afrojack & NayerGive Me EverythingMe not working hard\你说我不够努力Year right\真是胡说picture that with a kodak\用柯达相机拍下来啊And better yet\觉得不够的话go to times square\就去时代广场Take a picture of me with a

Cristian Marchi - Let's FuckLet's fuck in Miami Let's fuck in Ibiza Let's fuck in L.A. Let's fuck tonight Let's fuck in New York Let's fuck in Dubai Let's fuck in Saint Tropez Let's fuck tonight Let's fuck in Miami Let's fuck in Ibiza Let's fuck in L.A. Let's

《call me》I'm feeling So lonely I'm lost without you Call me All I'm asking Is to hold me Just one more time Sleepless nights of sweat and agony Thinking how it all went wrong for me Baby please My life depends on you There's no one else I'm still in

歌手:Madonna /专辑 Hard Candy /《 Dance Tonight》歌词如下:Move your body Get me from across the floorEverybody's watchin'But I just wanna give you more Don't care bout nothin' Im fallin' for your love in the worst way Move closer I can feel

是不是张佑赫的LET'S GO啊?


Let's Make Tonight Special(Shane):I'll give the world to make you mine'Cause I can't go on without you this time, this time(Mark):What are you doing tonight, baby?(All):Let's make tonight special(Mark):All I'm asking for is a little love(Shane):I look in

歌曲名:Let Me Love You Tonight歌手:庾澄庆专辑:哈林音乐频道Phil Vassar - Let Me Love You TonightI know we're brokenI can feel the painMillion words unspokenBut your eyes say everythingYou say it's overWanna be my friendIf I could reach



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