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lEAvE out的中文意思


Leave out all the rest 剩下的一切都不要考虑 Forgetting all the hurt inside that you've learned to hide so well 遗忘你心中深藏的伤痕

leave outv.省去, 遗漏, 不考虑Leave out遗漏,省略leave undone or leave out.漏做某事或者遗漏了某事.To leave out; disregard.忽略不加注意;忽视To leave out; omit.漏掉;略去Please leave them out side.请把它放在外面.

省去;遗漏;不考虑leave it out 使某人停止做某事leave sb./sth. out 不包括,不提及


leave out all the rest 剩下的一切都不要考虑 ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

Leave Out All The Rest 中文歌词我在梦中迷失 你恐惧万分 没有人倾听 因为没有人在意 梦醒了 恐惧依然没有消散 我该怎么面对我所做的一切 当你问我时 我只想让你明白 我要从头开始 忘记我犯过的错 让我远离那些迷失的理由 请不要再怨恨我

Linkin Park Leave Out All The Rest I dreamed I was missing, you were so scared 我在梦中迷失 你恐惧万分 But no one would listen, cause no one else cared 没有人倾听 因为没有人在意 After my dreaming, I woke with this fear: 梦醒了 恐惧依然没

你好.leave one out,翻译成中文是:留一法.希望帮到你,满意请采纳.

I dreamed I was missing我梦到我迷失了 You were so scared 你是如此恐惧 But no one would listen但是没人愿意倾听 'Cause no one else cared因为没有人在意 After my dreaming这场梦过后 I woke with this fear我怀着忧虑醒来What am I leaving


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