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i likE DAnCing英语读音

[lv 'd:nsi ]

英文原文:i like singing英式音标:[a] [lak] [s] 美式音标:[a] [lak] [s]

I like dancing and singing.补充:like作为及物动词,表示喜欢的意思时,,like可以跟v+ing也可以to-v.且and前后的词性要保持一致

Dancing is my favourite activity.In my spare time,I spend much time on it.During dancing,I can execise myself and meet more friends.In a word,it is so useful to health that I love this game.

I like frog 英文怎么读音 我喜欢青蛙 读音:矮 赖 克 斧 饶 隔

I like dancing nevertheless

都可以,前者like dancing表示状态,持久的……后者like to dance表示动作,瞬间的或短时段的

In spite of this, I still like dancing

I like dancing. How about you?我喜欢跳舞.你呢?



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