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hAnDED out是什么意思

handed out相近意思的词或短语c . gave out.

分发 散发

您好,当然是动词了,意思是:拿出很多来.1. PHRASAL VERB 分发;散发 If you hand things out to people, you give one or more to each person in a group. One of my jobs was to hand out the prizes 我的职责之一是分发奖品.Food is still

hand out 的意思有分发,散发,给与 give out 的意思只有分发,可能相对来说的意思窄一点 近义的单词有时是很难仔细区分个中区别,知道了也没有很大用处 而一般的做法就是抓住这个单词的标准中文翻译的意思,就可以了, 如果中文翻译都一样的话,就没什么好说的了,就看词组的搭配,应用范围或者这个词本身还有没有别的意思,词性等 (当然这是应付考试,如果真的有兴趣的多知道一点也没什么)



hand out 是扶持 而gave out是用完用尽的意思. 比如:After a month their food supplies gave out. 过了一个月,他们的食物已消耗殆尽

hand out又很多用法,要根据具体语境分析.下面是它的6种用法:1.搀扶…出来 The conductor handed the sick man out of the bus. 售票员扶病人下公共汽车. 2.分发 Will you help me to hand out the materials for the lecture? 你可以帮我分发演

vt. 分发, 散发, 给与 the teacher had the monitor hand out the papers. vt. 老师让班长分发试卷. 1. i rustled up a few helpers to hand out leaflets. 我找到几个助手散发传单. 2. at the beginning he would always hand out an outline of

双手递给,用hand out,或 词组明词:讲议才料. 给出来,用give out,可以从口袋里拿出或从帐户里拿出


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