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givE oFF是什么意思

发散 The food gave off a bad smell. 食物已经发臭了.To give off gas. 释放气体To give off vapor. 放出蒸汽To give off; emit. 发出;散发To give off; exude. 渗出,发出Arteries give off many branches. 动脉分出许多支脉.Chemical changes that give


give sth off 送出或发出某物 give off 发出(光等);长出(枝、杈等)新年快乐,如果帮到你,请记得采纳,O(∩_∩)O谢谢!


give off: 发出(光等) v. 放出,排出 例句与用法 1. All the radioactive materials give off the harmful radioactive which can be deadly at high levels. 所有这些放射性材料都放出有害的射线,小则致癌,大能致死. 2. When wine is fermented it

长出 发出 散发出

发出 放出 散发 释放!

1.散发.发出光、树枝发杈什么的2.放出.give him off 放了他

give out 是分发 give off 是释放 意思不一样


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