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gEt togEthEr和pArty有什么区别

前者是几个人一个,也许是见个面 后者指大聚会,比较隆重的聚在一起

派对=PARTY,是翻译词,即“宴会,聚会”的意思 派对(Party)在英文里解释为:gettogether,byinvitation,forpleasure。forpleasure,为了快乐,这说明了派对的最终目的,那就是寻找快乐。 就像我在TheHouse的派对里将心里的阴霾一扫而空,人们...

SOLID BASE(莎丽宝贝) - come on everybody SOLID BASE - come on everybody 歌词: Come On Everybody Solid Base Hey Hey Hoo) Chorus : Come on everybody let's have fun We gonna have a party in the sun Come on everybody sing with m...

Hotel California 加州旅馆 Larger Than Life 比生命更重要 Get the party started 让聚会开始吧 You Were My Everything 你是我的一切 We Belong ...


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