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gEt togEthEr with的同义词

gather with 如不明白请追问,如果满意请【采纳】 祝学习进步

be with you 是 和你在一起 get together with 是b相聚

Jim togethere with Kangkang is playing basketball on the playground now.

1. together/along with连接前后两个主语时,谓语动词应和前面的那个主语保持一致,这是所谓的就远原则。 2. 建议楼主去搜索一下主谓一致的语法。 我简单归纳如下: 1)就近原则:either...or...;neither...nor...;not only...but also...;no...

together with 英[təˈɡeðə wið] 美[təˈɡɛðɚ wɪð] [词典] 与; 和…一同,连同…; 连。。。带。。。; 偕; [例句]I am together with you. 我同你在一起。

together with me 和我在一起 例句: 1. The next weekend she organized a get-together with lots of people and after that, I asked her to get together with me. 周末,在她组织的一个热闹的聚会结束后,我邀请她来和我聚一聚。

表伴随的状语。 together/along with连接前后两个主语时,谓语动词应和前面的那个主语保持一致,这是所谓的就远原则。

Together with great ideas and excellent teamwork,we can make this program a huge sucess. 可以放在句首。

along with 和...一起: He took his dog along with him 当这个意思讲的时候,经常考察主谓一致:He,along with his stuents is good 除某事物以外,在这里是包括某事物的 Tobacco is taxed in most countries ,along with alcohol 除了酒之外,...

前者是介词后面必须有介词宾语,后者是副词可以单独作状语。如果强调和。。。一起,最好用together with。。。


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