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FuCking Dog s的歌词

Ladies and gentlemen!Introducing the Chocolate Starfish!and the Hotdog Flavored WaterBring it on!Get the fuck up!Yeah!Check, one, twoListen up, listen up!Here we goIt's a fucked up worldA fucked up placeEverybody's judged by their fucked up

girl friend 艾薇儿 I'm the mother fucking princess 我是母亲该死的公主 I can tell you like me too 我可以告诉你你也喜欢我 And you know I'm right 而且你知道我是对的 She's like so whatever 她看起来如此一般 You can do so much better 你可以找到

回忆的独奏 - 张杰 词:管启源 曲:刘大江 像抓住的彩虹 像晨的一阵风 我的期待却落空 回忆中的单纯笑容 一句话带来的感动 想起我的朋友 说过甘苦与共 还记不记得初衷 我莫名其妙的哀愁 找不到地方接收 我们走到最后 心的内容 只剩下回忆的

intro]let′s do it again uh let′s do it again i said let′s do it again bigbang let′s do it again let′s do it again likesol] crazy dog everybody in the place go ho~ everybody in the place

搜一下:一首英文歌有一句歌词是fucking fucking fucking know 是一个男生唱的,听

歌曲名:A Dog's Life歌手:nina nastasia专辑:DogsA Dog's LifeBy Nina NastasiaI had a dream about a dogI was walkingIn an amusement parkWith people all around meWe rode the roller coaster ridesAnd he was laughing as weJumped in the

Gym Class Heroes 的歌吧

歌名:fucking perfectMade a wrong turnOnce or twiceDug my way outBlood and fireBad decisionsThat's alrightWelcome to my silly lifeMistreated this placeMisunderstoodMiss knowing it's all goodIt didnt slow me down.MistakingAlways second

BingoCan you keep a secretFrom them other peopleIf I tell you 'bout wha-gwan?And would you let me knowIf I forget the secretTook my eye off of the Ball?Cause Bingo, now I'm hitting the 6 [x4]I know what's going onI know how you going onI got the

歌曲名:My Pretty Dog歌手:175R专辑:Melody (普通版)(日本版)175R - My pretty dog作词:SHOGO作曲:SHOGO编曲:175R 佐久间正英You love a Rock'n Roll music.You always jumping and dancing.You makes me happy and feel so


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