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翻译:动物园免费动画馆1. PoleStar Arizona - Mobile/Travel Use PoleStar Arizona to enhance your visit to the Phoenix zoo, Reid Park zoo, Arizona Sonora Desert Museum or the Wildlife World zoo and Aquarium, four of Arizona's best zoos. View


小题1:C小题2:A小题3:B小题4:D 文章是对墨尔本动物园的一些游览规则作出了详细的说明小题1:事实细节题,根据第二段Each experience includes a 6*8 photograph, taken by one of our professional pho

1 place2 fifth3 popular4 will go 5 laugh at 恩恩~~~

entrance entrance to:.的入口C 根据后面的using 前面应为介词 排除AD than的前后结构应一致 而前面是to use(不定式)所以不对

o to the ZooToday was Sunday. My parents were free, too. I got up at 7'oclock, because my families planed to go to the zoo. After the breakfast, I took the camera and went to the station together with my parents. It was already 9'oclock when we

At the zoowhen l am 9 year old ,l was expect to go to zoo .Because i love animal very much .l remember the animals which are very cute now .l love the monkey best .Because

On holidays many people like to go to the (zoo ).Do you know why?( Because) there are ( many) animals in the zoo.People think animals there are ( happy) and lucky,but most

33-35 BDC33.B考察细节理解题.根据文意Address:1st Avenue between Ogden Avenue and 31st Street,Brookfield,Illinois可知该动物园的入口在第一大街,故答案是B.34.D考察细节理解题.根据文意Adul


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