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discuss 动词discussion 名词study的ing形式--studyingstudy 既是名词,又是动词. 作名词:书房,学习,研究 作动词:学习,研究studying 名词:学习

attention attainment performance balance management compliance entertainment government detention solution tension function motion 是不可数名词 discussion 不是不可数名词

advice => advisebegin => beginningagree => disagreediscuss => discussioneducation => educativeeverybody => everyonefall => fellpossible => impossibleinvite => invitationone => one's

discuss 动词形式 用法:We will discuss the proposal at the meeting. 我们将在会议上讨论这项提议.What does the book discuss? 这本书讲了什么?They said they had an important matter to discuss with you. 他们说有要事与你相商.

discussion discusser论述者,讨论者

错了吧,而且有两个错误正确的是an exceeding discussion


discuss是动词,是及物动词,可以加宾语从句如:We discuss the questionWe discuss how to get good grades.discussion是名词,是可数名词如:We have a discussion of the question.Let's make a discussion.


improvement ______ ______ ______ dependence dependent ______ independence friend ______ _______ friendly ______ discuss ______ ______ known know ______ unknown luck lucky ______ unlucky skillful ______ ______ ______


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