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英语 director of q department 中文 部门主管

首先,如果企业中同时出现了Director、Manager和Supervisor这三种职务,则其职位从高到低排序应为 Director>Manager>Supervisor。如“销售总监”译为“Director of Sales & Distribution”;其属下的“市场部经理”译为“Marketing Manager”,负责生产...


engineering director 工程总监 双语对照 词典结果: 网络释义 1. 工程主管 例句: This paper from the water and power and construction institute of electricalengineering huangfu yuzhu, deputy director of guidance teachers completed,...

director 是校长,综理全校的校务,对外代表学校,对内主持校务。 advisor指导教师,负责学生的日常学习管理,答疑解惑。 dean of students教导主任。领导包括学校内的多个学生事务组织,同时也是助理副校长。

Director of Operations生词本 运营总监 双语例句1. She is the director of clandestine operations of the CIA. 她是中央情报局秘密行动的负责人. 来自《简明英汉词典》 2. Fisher is co - director of Wharton's Fishman - Davidson Center f...

director of market的中文翻译 director of market 市场总监

是的 主任 zhu ren 1.a loosely used bureaucratic title for a director or head of a division, department, or committee 2.a manager; a director; a rector; a chief

办公室主任;办事处主任;公司办公室主任 例句 Tom is the Director of the Office of Energy Research; 汤姆是能源研究办公室的主任;

Managing director is the traditional term for the top executive of a business in the United Kingdom and some other English speaking countries, but not in the United States. MD是除了US外的英语国家对最高执行官的称呼 While The gen...


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