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could 是情态动词 can 的过去形式,有两层含义:一是表示 “有能力”;一是表示可能性.除了表示过去外,could 常用于委婉语气.

1.动词 can 的过去式 I could run faster then. 我那时能跑得更快一些. 2.(表示与事实相反的设想)能;可以 I could come tomorrow if you like. 3.如果你愿意,明天我可以来. (委婉语)能 Could you do sth. for me? 你能替我做件事情吗? 4.应该 You could at least have met me at the station. 你至少应该到车站来接我. 5.可能 I wrote down the number so that I could remember it. 我写下了号码,那样我就能记住它了.

couldKK: []DJ: []v.aux.1. can的过去式She could play the violin when she was five.她五岁时便能拉小提琴了.2. (用于虚拟语气,表示与事实相反的设想)能,可以I wish I could go to France.但愿我能去法国.I would go if I could.能去我就去.3. (表示可能性)可能That could be my train.那可能是我要乘的火车.4. (用于婉转语气)能,可以Could I smoke here?我可以在这里抽烟吗?Couldn't you try it again?你可否再试一下??

could 是can的过去式 意思是“能,会" 如 She could swim when she was three years old.

能 做 干 会 表婉转语气或过去式

[can的过去式] [常用于从句中](过去、当时)能够, 得以 [用于虚拟语气中, 表示相反的假设]能, 本来可以 [表示可能性]能, 可能, 可以 [用于委婉语气]能, 可以

could [kud, kd] aux.v.(表示允准) Could I use your phone?让我用一下你的电话好吗?(表示请求) Could I come round next week?我下星期来拜访好吗?(表示结果) He studied very hard but couldn't pass his examination.他学习很努力, 但没能考及格.(表示可能性) It could be my mother.可能是我母亲.(表示建议) We could write a letter to the headmaster.我们不妨给校长写封信.

could [[kd; kd]]基本翻译aux. 能够v. 能(can的过去式)我能借用一下你的钢笔吗?用could更加委婉.


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