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刚刚翻译的,我只是逐句翻译一下,你自己修改一下吧= =Oh, don't let this go, don't turn your headoh,不要让它流逝,不要别过你的头If there's something left to show如果这里还留下些什么Hold it in your arms and in your fingers把它紧紧把握在你


anything but you - civalias我的心中只有你i see the colors in your face like the paintings that you hang我看你的脸色就像你挂在墙上的画一样(僵硬?无表情?)but only you can read your mind但你知道只有你能读懂你自己的心you don't believe

Anything But You - Civalias 除了你 I see the colors in your face like the paintings that you hang 我看你的脸色就像你挂在墙上的画一样But only you can read your mind 但你知道只有你能读懂你自己的心 You don't believe me when I say that your

die.除了死亡,还可以作枯萎,凋谢或者消失,冷漠的意思.用这个词在歌名,估计是为了表示歌者某种超然的情绪吧.像It's hard to die.就可以翻译成,难以释怀.这样只是想强调自己一种感觉而已.

kara: mr ,lupin, wanna,super star,pretty girl,honey,my love,sos,aha,to me,lonely,我们俩,假如你喜欢,burn,umbrella,secret world,binks.少女时代:mr.taxi, gee,oh,babybaby,genie,说出愿望吧,hoot,hahaha,show!show!show!,kissing you ,echo,

呵呵 jet ,look what you've done faber drive,tongue tied travis,my eyes wisnu,nothing left of me forever young L2M,Say “Goodbye” kenny chesney ,when the sun goes down I don't want to say goodbye guns n roses,don't cry daniel

Think Again-Kate HavnevikOnly you,I wanna be in love with you.I don't wanna get over you.I want you here.Mhmm~Mhmm~Mhmm~Mhmm~Me and you'Maybe I'm no good for you.Alter strain the line from you.Can't you see?Mhmm~Mhmm~Mhmm~




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