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y name is xxx.now i',music and history ,but i'm most good at chinese ,i have lots of friends in my school,they are very friendly,like smile,my favour subject is art;m 12 years old,i'm no very tall and i have long black hair.my family and i live in wuxi and


Hello everyone,you know I`m very talkative and I never stop talking.So all of my friends look on me as a mom.and they call me Jesssica Mom,so my English name is Jessica and I have a beautiful Chinese name***.next,I will sing a song to you all.I sincerely wish I can pass the contest with my best performance.

英文人名1 周杰伦英文名 1.Jay,周杰伦英文名,其英文名字全称为Jay Chou. 周杰伦周杰伦简介 中国台湾华语流行歌手、著名音乐人、音乐创作家、作曲家、作词人、制作人、杰威尔音乐公司老板之一、导演.近年涉足电影行业.周杰伦是2000年后亚洲流行乐坛最具革命性与指标性的创作歌手,有“亚洲流行天王”之称.他突破原有亚洲音乐的主题、形式,融合多元的音乐素材,创造出多变的歌曲风格,尤以融合中西式曲风的嘻哈或节奏蓝调最为著名,可说是开创华语流行音乐“中国风”的先声.周杰伦的出现打破了亚洲流行乐坛长年停滞不前的局面,为亚洲流行乐坛翻开了新的一页!

The Mom Song/妈妈之歌 Get up now. Get up now. Get up out of bed. 起床了,起床了,现在就起床. Wash your face. Brush your teeth. Comb your sleepy head. 洗脸,刷牙,梳头. Here's your clothes and your shoes. 这是你的衣服和鞋. Hear

】《the mom song》起床 起床 快起来!get up now ,get up now ,get up out of bed去洗脸去刷牙 记得梳头!wash your facebrush your teeth comb your sleepy head这是你的衣服你的鞋here's your clothes and your shoes有没有在听啊?!hear the

曲名:the mom song 歌手:insane clown posse 专辑:forgotten freshness 3 this is for mom miss linda harwood miss cathy hill this is for you. i respect my mother with every step i take she was there for my first step in the first place everybody wants

Today is my birthday. In the morning, my older brother brought home the cake that we “You bring a piece of cake back home and let Mom eat it. If she doesn't want to get

'm happy to stand here today.Firstly I want to ask a question: do you know what is happiness?I want to say, happiness is when opening your eyes in the morning sun, i see a room full of sunlight, I even can smell the taste of sunshine and morning;


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