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BE hElpFul to Do sth.这个词组行不行???

可以有如下表达It is helpful for me to study my English.,所以be helpful to do sth.这个词组说得通be helpful in doing sth。也可以,如Listening is helpful in learning English.

这是形式主语的句型和主谓宾结构 It is +形容词+for sb. +to do sth. It is helpful for me to study my English.

sth. is helpful to sb. ……对某人有助 ....is helpful to sth. 对……有助 、 我觉得这里是运用 ,.... is helpful to sth. 不过就是用动名词形式strengthening the sense of reponsiblity and managing interpersonal relations 来充当sth.而已,...

helpful to 和 heplful for 都有"有助于"的意思,但 helpful to 较常用于接sb,而 helpful for也可以接sb,但多用于接sth或doing sth,表示"对....有益"。 例: Swimming is helpful for bones that are porous and weak. 游泳有助于改善骨质疏...

heipful两个用法 be heipful for sb to do sth 和题目用法一样, 对某人来说做某事是有帮助的,有益的,for sb, 或者to do sth 并不是一定要同时出现 be helpful to sth ,对东西用to,有帮助的,有益的

be helpful in doing sth.做某事有帮助 eg: Listening is helpful in learning English. 听对我们学英语有帮助. 希望采纳哦!

be helpful to的中文翻译 be helpful to 有助于 双语例句 1 The following information may be helpful to readers. 下列信息可能对读者有用。 2 This work can be helpful to have a complete and systematic understanding of membrane defect...

1.be helpful in doing sth. 对做某事有帮助 例如We hope this leaflet has been helpful in answering your questions. 我们希望这个宣传单可以帮助您找到您想要的答案 2.it is helpful (for sb) to do sth It is helpful to discuss your prob...

Running is helpful to keep fit.(跑步对保持健康很有帮助) 希望对您有所帮助。

The dictionary is helpful for you to learn English.字典对你学习英语有帮助。


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