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BE gEtting At 意思

be getting at 要在 be getting at 要在

My husband is a big fidgeter and I felt that the questions on physical activity maybe weren't getting at all of the elements of energy expenditure through movement. 请问老师weren't 主语是the questions at all 是与 否定 词 连用 ...

be on at 上演 go getting 转变

这句话不完整 get at 是理解,了解的意思 what i'm getting at is ..... 就是 我所了解的是.... 是什么呢,不知道,没有下文

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Amy, I excel at many things, but getting over you was not one of them. 艾米,我擅长很多事情,但是忘记你,并不在其中,让我们只做朋友就好吧。 听着这句话,哥哥的心微微一颤,心疼单纯的谢耳朵受伤了。


school , business and government seem much more numerous in years than in the past, could it be that we are getting better at revealing such dishonesty...

However,Larry often helps to bring out the best in me.So i am getting better at tennis 不过,拉里经常帮助使我把自己最好的方面都发挥出来了。所以我要在网球上做得更好

为什么他总是惹我? GET AT: 英英词典有三种意思: get at Verb 1. reach or gain access to:(synonym) access 2. influence by corruption 3. cause annoyance in; disturb, especially by minor irritations. (synonym) annoy, rag, get to, b...


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