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my favorite movies is action movie 不对,不用加S 正确的应该是my favorite movie is action movie

Basketball is my favorite sport. Playing basketball is my favorite activity. 不能用sport和play basketball. play basketball 是一个动作,sport 只能形容basketball, football, soccer, 游泳。

favorite 后面的动词要用V.ing 这是固定的 就象like一样

playing 解释:play + football/basketball/baseball 等 表示踢足球、打篮球、打棒球等 play 是动词,但是因为前面有一个be动词is,所以此处使用play+ing的形式使play名词化

Yaoming is my favorite basketball player.He is 2.29 merers.He is so tall.He played for the Houston rockets.I love him ,because his skills is very good and he is a Chiese .I am proud of him.But now he has retired.

[Chorus: Fundisha - repeat 4X] They're playing basketball We love that basketball [Lil' Bow Wow] Yeah, now basketball is my favorite sport I love the way they dribble up and down the court I keep it so fresh on the microphone I...

Is basketball your favorite sport? Yes, it is.


What sport does he like best?或What is his favorite sport?



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