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BACk up 的意思?

名词:备用 形容词:备用的 请采纳答案,支持我一下。

据牛津高阶英汉双解词典第六版解释 back up/back sth up 后退,倒车 例You can back up another two feet or so.你可以再退两英尺左右。 I back the car up to the door.我把车倒到门前。

back up 英[bæk ʌp] 美[bæk ʌp] vi. 支持; 协防,补防; 堵塞; 复制; 往后退; [例句]Radio signals received from the galaxy's centre back up the black hole theory 从该星系中心收到的无线电信号证实了黑洞理论。

back up 1.drive or move backwards倒车 *He had to back his car up because the mountain path was too narrow.由于山路太窄,他不得不把车子倒了回来。 2.support 支持 *I hope you will back me up in this argument.我希望在这场争论中...

back-up battery 备用电池 双语例句 1 Your print was found on the battery. 在电池上找到了你的指纹. 2 Main battery at the ready! 主炮准备好了!

back up 1. (使)后退;倒退回去;倒(车): 例句: He backed up to the loading platform. 他(把车)倒退到装货平台。 2. (使)倒着上: 例句: If you can't drive up the hill forwards, you'll have to back the car up. 假如你不能把轿车正着开...

pick back up 拾回

百车吧提醒您,back up是返回的意思。

let me back up here a second 让我在这里后退一秒 let me back up here a second 让我在这里后退一秒



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