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assignments[英]['sanmnts][美]['sanmnts]n.分配( assignment的名词复数 ); 工作; 任命; 归属; 例句:1.You don't get assignments that make the best use of your abilities. 4.分到的任务不能充分展示你的能力. 2.Some companies offer programs or assignments that help their managers develop thesequalities, menkes says. 门克斯介绍说,有些公司会提供项目或下达任务,来帮助经理人培养这些品质

assignments: 分配 例句与用法1. Pass in your assignments if you have finished. 如果你已经完成了作业,请马上交上. 2. He finished the assignment completely. 他全面完成了分配的任务. 3. In Series/1, the assignment or connection of

就是等号 “=”

assignments 英['sanmnts] 美['sanmnts] n. 工作; 分配( assignment的名词复数 ); 任命; 归属; [例句]The assessment for the course involves written assignments and practical tests.这门功课的考核包括书面作业和实际操作考试.[其他] 原型: assignment

pending assignments 未决的作业pending 英[pend] 美[pnd] prep. 直到,在等待…期间; adj. 未决的; 待定的; 未定的; 即将发生的; [网络] 挂起; 有待; 悬而未决的; [例句]The government has already decided to increase


国际业务assignment ['sainmnt] n. 分配;任务;作业;功课assignment problem 指派问题;分配问题;分派问题;配置问题 pole assignment 极点配置 assignment method 转让方法;指定分配方法 school assignment 学生作业;课题 channel assignment 信道分配;通道分配;信道指配 assignment operator 赋值运算符 assignment statement [计]赋值语句;[计]指派陈述 value assignment 赋值

normal mode assignments:正常模式的任务solid-state DFT:固体密度泛函理论

your idea on assignments两种可能(1) 你对派任工作的想法(2)你对课堂(课外)作业的想法

reinforce美 [.rin'frs]英 [.rin'f(r)s]v.加固;加强;充实;使更强烈n.加固物 增强;增援;强化第三人称单数:reinforces 现在分词:reinforcing 过去式:reinforced 例句筛选1.newspapers like this tend to reinforce people's prejudices.像这样的报纸往往加深人们的偏见.2.two companies were moved up to reinforce the front line.调两个连去增援前线.


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