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the Olympic movement in Asia. Because of growing importance television worldwide, the IOC in 小题3:If a girl finds a helmet a little bit big for her head, what should she do? A.She must buy a smaller

The Olympics in my eyesOlympic is a window, I am a child who always sit near the window.This is the largest window, and it is so bright. Through it I see a world. I see Great Wall in China, it is so long and great, when I stand on the Great Wall the

little girl was walking up again, and she put her arm on the side of the tower to rest. She felt the tower Several Asian countries, including Japan, use the left as well thought many places use both right-

japanese girls tube8 日本女孩Tube8 望采纳,谢谢

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英文名 Ella Koon 昵称 Ella、观音娜、官Under、地狱厨神 国籍 法国 籍贯 中国广东宝安县 出生 1979年7月9日 (1979-07-09) (29岁) 法属波利尼西亚大溪地 职业 演员、歌手 音乐类型 粤语流行音乐 出道日期 2004年 活跃年代 2000年至今 唱片

从英文维基百科上粘贴过来的Chow Yun-Fat SBS (traditional Chinese: 周润发; simplified Chinese: 周润发; pinyin: Zhōu Rùnfā; Cantonese Yale: Jàu Yeuhn Faat; born May 18, 1955) is a Hong Kong Film Award-winning actor. He is best

I think hosting the Olympic games 2008 will have a positive effect on the Chinese economy.First, there will be millions of foreigners come to China to see the Olympic Games, these foreginers will consume during their staying in China, for example,


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