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anyway ad.1. 【口】无论如何,不管怎样,至少,反正 that wasn't my fault, anyway.反正那不是我的过错.it may rain, but we shall go anyway.也许会下雨,可我们无论如何要去.2. 不论以何种方式,不论从何种角度 you can do the job anyway you want.这工作你想怎么干都行.3. 随便地,草率地 he dumped the tools in the box just anyway.他把工具随随便便往箱子里一扔.第一个释义口语中用的比较普遍

anyway: [ 'eniwei ] ad. 不管怎样 例句与用法: 1. The house was locked and I cannot get in anyway. 屋子锁着,我无论如何也进不去. 2. He reflected that the quality of the instruments was good anyway. 他寻思,不管怎样,这些乐器的质量还是

anyway英 ['enwe]美 ['n'we]adv. 无论如何;而且;尽管;至少拓展资料:1. ( in any case, besides ) 不管怎么说;无论如何He doesn't want to go out and anyway he's not allowed.他不想出门,再说也不允许他出门.2. ( nevertheless ) 尽


anywayadv.无论如何, 总之遵照副词的用法I don't know if you will go there tomorrow. Anyway,I'll go.How old are you anyway?

anyway ['eniwei] adv. 无论如何,不管怎样;总之如---------Anyway we have to accept it.不管怎样,我们必须接受它.

anyway adv.(副词) In any way or manner whatever:不论以何种方式,不论以何种方法:e.g: Get the job done anyway you can.不管以何种方式都得完成这项工作 In any case; at least:无论如何;至少:e.g: I don't know if it was lost or stolen;


楼主您好(: adv. 不管怎样 总之 任何方式 至少


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