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as an old saying goes :正如一句老话所言.例句:1、As an old saying goes, The way you perceive the world will determine your way to cope with it. 正如那句老话, “路上你感知世界将确定您的方式来应付它.2、For people who want to

as an old saying goes, 后面加那句old saying即可.

As an old saying goes 网络 俗话说; [例句]Just as an old saying goes: it is never too late to learn.就像一句老话说的那样:学习,永远不迟.后面可以加冒号或that引出一段俗语.

as the saying goes 俗语说的话 An old story goes 一个古老的故事是这样讲的 这个go在这种情况下一般是引出一个故事,或者一句俗语成语等,可以看成是固定用法

[图文] 短文填空 There is an English saying that goes,"he who laughs last,laughs the hardest." High School Musical star Zac Efron is laughing a lot these days. 1.Because he was always the smallest in his class


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