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along 英 ['l] 美 ['l] adv. 一起;向前;来到prep. 沿着;顺着


There are trees all along the road.希望可以帮到你.

straight的读音:英 [stret]、美 [stret] adj.直的e5a48de588b63231313335323631343130323136353331333366306530;连续的;直率的;整齐的 adv.直地;直接地;坦率地;立即 n.直线;直线部分1、adj.直的;笔直的 Good posture results

we的英式读音是[wi];美式读音是[wi].是一个代词,意思是我们、朕、笔者、本报、你.参考例句:1、We see her step off the plane. 我们看到她从飞机上走下来.2、It is the goal we must reject. 这就是我们必须拒绝的目标.3、So we pay it

Love only

rainy 英['ren] 美[reni] adj. 下雨的,多雨的 最高级:rainiest;比较级:rainier [例句]The vegetation is well watered in the cool , rainy wintertime.在多雨凉爽的冬季,植被得到充分的灌溉.

all together in company with together

he的读音:英 [hi] 美 [hi].he英 [hi] 美 [hi] pron.他,它;一个人.n.雄性动物.he的用法示例如下:1.He asked me if I was ready. I answered in the affirmative. 他问我是否准备好了,我给出肯定的回答.2.He had worked alongside Frank and Mark

与= v.1. give; offer; grant 信件已交与本人. The letter has been given to person concerned. 2. get along with; be on good terms with 此人易与. He is easy to get along with. 3. help; support 批评应该是与人为善的批评. Criticism should be aimed


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