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答案是:be against (doing) sth 意思是:反对(做)某事 其反义词组是:be for (doing)sth 赞成(做)某事 they are against buliding an airport here ~手工翻译,尊重劳动,欢迎提问,感谢采纳!~

protestvi.抗议; 断言vt.抗议; 声明反对; 断言n.抗议; 反对; 申明做verb时 protest (about /against/at sth.) (公开)反对做noun时 有under protest 意思是 无奈的、不甘心的、不服气的.againstprep.(表示态度)反对; (表示方位)紧靠着……; (表示对象)对……不利; 以……兑换conj.在……之时; 在……之前against sb./sth.

against ['enst; 'einst] prep.1.相反;反对;违反;违背;逆:例句:against one's will违心地,违背意愿地to fight against evil同邪恶做斗争2.撞击;撞着,碰着,顶着

给你几个短的,可以自己把它扩充成长句.waves dashing against the shore.浪拍海岸.row against the current.逆水行舟.dark colors against a fair skin.深色能够衬托出白皮肤.food stored against winter储存过冬食物.protection against the cold.预防感冒.drew a check against my bank balance.开支票支取自己的银行结余

原发布者:xuyanna100 Against用法小结prep.1.与动词连用(1)常与push、press、lean、hang、stand等词连用,表示“紧靠、压迫”,有时不必译出.例如topushagainstthedoor用力推门tothrowtheballagainstthewall用球击墙(2)常与struggle

knock at the door; knock 敲门 knock down; knock over 撞倒 knock [nk] n. 敲,敲打,敲门 v. 敲击,互撞,攻击 例句:Knock it off, kids, I'm trying to sleep!孩子们,别闹了,我要睡觉了!She knocked the bottom out of our argument.她把我们的

及物动词 vt. 1. 握着;抓住;夹住 He held a knife in his hand. 他手里握着一把刀. 2. 托住;支承 The roof was held up by pillars. 屋顶由柱子支撑着. 3. 使保持某种姿态等[O] She held herself erect. 她把身子挺直. 4. 拘留,扣留 The highjackers

1. they realized to be against them is not good for themselves.2. ibigamy is considered to be against law in many countries.3. some are in favour of it , some are against it .4. most of the fighting is against myself5. this would be against diplomatic etiquette望采纳

介词 prep.1.(表示方向)与…方向相反, 逆着, 迎着, 顶着 You should fly your kite against the wind.你应该迎着风放风筝.She always advances against difficulties.她总是迎着困难上.2.(表示方位)紧靠着…, 倚靠着… The seats have no

1.hold up v. 举起,阻挡,耽搁,支撑,抢劫,使停顿,举出 例句与用法: Managed to hold up under the daily stress. 想办法应付每天的生活压力 I decided to hold up on the news until he was sure of it. 我决定暂缓发布消息,直到我确信准确无误.


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