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UnClE ZhAng wAs out A momEnt Ago. 改为同义句 UnClE ZhAn...

Uncle Zhang was not in a moment ago 追问: 亲、你好像打错了一个单词是out不是not..回答: out=not in 追问: = =..答案是将a moment ago 改成 just now 回答: 多谢 答案

just now

同义句: uncle zhang was out a while ago.

同义句为:Uncle Zhang was out (just now).

翻译:I want to be a chinese exchange student或I want to be an exchange student in china.同义句:1.我暂时不知道答案,但我可以肯定前两位回答者是不对的.要么是Hao was the weather yesterday?要么是What did the weather like yesterday?2.just now

1.His grandpa was dead.3.This book has been borrowed by me.4.Tom has has beng a"Greener China " 'member.6.A new bike has been bought by her.7.John has been away beijing for three days.9.His grandfath

Uncle Li began to drive a red car six months ago.

1 has been ,for2 away from 3 has had ,since4 kept ,ago5 has been on6 was ,ago7 joined ,in 8 dead for9 has ,over 10 been here It is ,since 如果不明白,请再问;如果对你有所帮助,请点击本页面中的“选为满意

1. happened to 2. How soon 3. had a wound 4. has been here 5. will leave/is leaving

1: they have cleaned the classroom do? 2: we have been aware of two decades of . 3: over the past decade, he changed a lot. 4: your uncle has just returned from the united states do? 5: recently you received a letter from him it?



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