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Thinking ABout You 歌词

歌曲名:Thinking About You歌手:Radiohead专辑:Pablo HoneyBeen thinking about you,your records are hereYour eyes are on my wallyour teeth are over thereBut I'm still no one,and you're now a starWhy do you care?Been thinking about you,

歌曲名:Think About You歌手:D. Reed专辑:Holy Hip Hop, Vol. 13Daniel De Bourg - Think About YouI saw you in the supermarketSeems like you were in a hurryI must admit I was kinda nervousCos you looked like you fell from heavenHad your

歌曲名:Thinking About You歌手:Sizzla专辑:Stay FocusTomi - Thinking About YouNever met u in my lifeBut I know u babyI made u in my mind yeahYour face and personalityMeets my needs babyCuz u one of a kind yeahFirst I thought that my

歌曲名:Think About You歌手:Ringo Starr专辑:Liverpool 8Ringo Starr-Think About You★ lrc 编辑 妙一法师When I'm walking down the streets and I feel it start to rainI don't run for cover, I look up again and it's blue-I just have to think about you!!

歌曲名:Thinkin' About You歌手:Mario专辑:Thinkin' About YouMario Ft. Ace Hood - Thinkin' About You (Remix)(Intro)I think this ones for the radioOwwWhen the afterparty is overAnd everyone around us is leavingThats when I want you to come

Taylor swift thinking about you I walked into a chair today 今天我呆坐在椅子上'Cause I was thinking about you因为此刻我正在想念你Your face jumped right in my way你的脸孔就那么突然跃进了我的脑海Like lately things do(你的面孔)如此的清

歌曲名:I'Ve Been Thinking About You歌手:Londonbeat专辑:The Very Best OfWe've known each otherFor a long long timeBut I never really noticedAll the magic in your eyesI've been around youA thousand times beforeAnd you've always been

Thinkin Bout You lyricsI walked into a chair today 'Cause I was thinking about youYour face jumped right in my wayLike lately things doOh, baby can't you seeThe thought of you makes a mess of meI walked into a chair today'Cause I was

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