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ThErE is A BAnk in thE nEighBorhooD 是什么意思

what is in the neighborhood?解析:对bank提问时对句子的宾语进行提问,所以疑问词用what没问题.另外there句式中的there在对宾语提问时there在句子中省略原因:there句式表示强调,你可以把there句式置换成It is a bank in the neighborhood.此时对bank提问,就是what is in the neighborhood?希望可以帮到你


There are banks in the neighborhood.

There is a bank in the neighborhood.Is there a bank in the neighborhood?A bank is there in the neighborhood.

there be 句型,译为:在岸边是一家银行

here it is

1. Is there a hotel in the neighborhood? 2.There is not a park between the post office and bank. 3.Are there many people in the street? 4.Is it next to the post office? (1)汗这个不知道 (2)Excuse me,is there a library in the neighborhood? (3)


问题好像不对,bank前应有a. on表示在某物的上面,不符合题意;in表示在某物的里面,应翻译为“居民区里有一个银行”;between表示在两个事物之间,不符合题意介词;across prep. 1.横越,穿过We walked across the street. 我们穿过马路



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